Were Back!

Hi guys! Long time. Who's still there? We finally managed to organize stuff a bit for starting publishing again. We hope we can keep the regularity of publications, this time or at least getting close :). Next weekend we'll contine with the story. Stay tuned :)

21 thoughts on “Were Back!

  1. Welcome back, Gual!
    I never lost faith in you. Kept your link on my site the whole time.
    I’m really looking forward to more the girls’ adventures!
    Guess it’s time to go back and re-read from the beginning!

    1. Thanks for never giving up TuT

  2. Very glad to see your return, looking forward to adventuring with your characters again! Hope you can keep it going. Love your comic!

    1. That’s the plan! Thank you! ^ ^

  3. Still here–nice to see you again. ^^

  4. YES!

    All that time coming back to this site have come to fruition!

    1. OMG, you never left! TuT

  5. ¡Al fin! Esta historia hecha con tanto talento no podía interrumpirse así como así. Es bueno saber que la persistencia y confianza de regresar regularmente a revisar este cómic, finalmente dio frutos. ¡Espero podamos verlos con frecuencia!

    1. ¡Nos agrada estar de vuelta! Gracias por siempre estar ahí y ser paciente 😀

  6. Guess those times of checking up on this site paid off. Was waiting when this would come back sometimes almost thought it wouldn’t.

    1. Thanks for not giving up ^ ^

  7. Lily de Wakabayashi

    Han pasado 84 años…

  8. la verdad, despues de tanto tiempo crei que ya no iban a regresar ya hasta habia dejado de revisar esta paguina, sino que me acorde de ustedes y por criosidad; revise esta paguina y me dio mucho gusto ver que volvieron a publicar.

    1. Gracias por acordarte del ‘old pal’ Garabateando 🙂
      Sí, han sido muchos contratiempos y proyectos aparte que nos han mantenido en pausa y ese es un efecto colateral bastante triste el que la gente se aleje por inactividad indefinida. Tenemos muchas cosas que entregar aún. Espero les gusten 😀

  9. Glad I decided to check in, although I can’t believe you’ve been back for almost three months before I noticed.

    1. Better late than never! Glad you’re still with us!

  10. Thank God for RSS feeds!

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