Meet the Crew

Yep, this is a comic about people who likes comics.

Angélica and Rina are a pair of twin sisters living in Calamarí, a coastal city. They and their group of friends have a dream in common: to make their own comic book. Of course, they already know that’s not a new thing and also not an easy job but anyway they keep at it. Why, you ask? C’mon! Because it’s fun! And that’s not the only thing they can do together. That’s why you can see them at every imaginable situation in which  you probably could be… or not. That’s the way you can have a nice time in your life, fooling around with your friends and making some doodling too. Combining both stuff sounds nice. So, want to go Doodle Around for a while?

Profiles of the group

More to come!

The Twins

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