Best quinceañero ever|El mejor quinceañero

Well, you two can't agree in everything ^ ^Bueno, no pueden estar de acuerdo en todo, ustedes dos ^ ^
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12 thoughts on “Best quinceañero ever|El mejor quinceañero

  1. Primero muerta que despeinada, no Mana? 😉

  2. “I would do anything for you! Yeah, I would do anything for you! I would do anything for you, but I won’t do that!”

    1. On her hands… on her hands… :3

  3. Haha, Armando has something to do with this I bet!

  4. Now that last part is out of the question

  5. Disheveled and messy, wow, there is still time before going extreme.

    Desarreglada y despienada, wow, creo que todavia hay tiempo antes de ponerse extremos.

    1. Ange, got carried away by the moment 😛

  6. Don’t stop her! She’s on a roll!

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