More than a simple plan|Más que un simple plan

You two... =w=Ustedes... =w=
Voting should be in your plans :)Votar debe estar en sus planes :)

13 thoughts on “More than a simple plan|Más que un simple plan

  1. So I guess the twins are Little Miss Muffet and her sister XP

  2. ¿Qué no forman ambos un aterrador dúo malvado?

  3. They’ve become the very evil they’re sworn to destroy.

    1. Such is their fate XD

  4. Wait, so they’re gonna go all-out and make this a big revenge plan? Scare the twins in front of, or with, a whole bunch of people?
    I’m sure everyone will have a good laugh and quickly forgive them.

    1. They will handle it… Right? ouo

  5. Frankly, I agree with Tina, here….

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