5 thoughts on “Out of sight

  1. A very well done short. A little blind girl and her dog. She has more ‘vision’ than most folk. My late mom was also blind.

    1. Yes. As they say, when you lack of one sense, your other ones got stronger 🙂

      1. Some do some don’t, however, my mom could with just a touch could tell if a place was cleaned right. Drove me crazy. The one sense that did not improve was her sense of direction. The sense that did improve, tell which slot machine would pay off sooner than later. She was able to turn 1 quarter into $25 bucks. Her last quarter and she just by hearing and touching picked one slot, put in her quarter and hit a medium jackpot.
        She could also make about 35 tamales for her blind school meal without any sight or help. It was amazing just how many teachers showed up to taste them. she only ate two. Some of her teachers almost passed out when mom reached to the double boiler, grabbed a tamale and checked it for doneness, it was. She passed her Cooking Class w/honors.

  2. I love this short film so much. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That’s a fantastic short film, thanks for sharing it!

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