Bad hair day

Looks like there are divided opinions about the 'fun' in this... And yup, it's April Fool's day! This guest comic comes from the hands of the creators of M9 Girls and it's part of a switcheroo event for this day, hosted by Webcomic Underdogs. The theme is 80's hairdos and we love eighties!... Just don't tell Tina yet, she tends to talk nonstop about it... If you visit the M9 Girls site, you will notice we made a comic for them too :) Oh, oh! Aaand guess what? It was only one guest comic per participant... but we got two! :D This one from our underdog friend, Coyote, creator of Bohica Blues. Thank you! Hope this is a dream or something... Poor twins. All their hair! Umh-Ba it's a bit confused too... Fiera, not so much :3

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