Campus Party Convention!

So yes, here in Colombia the Campus party Event is about to begin! For those who want to know, that's the major event of creativity and technology celebrated here in Colombia. It started in 1997 and actually there are several annual editions of this event in Valencia, Sao Paulo, Bogotá and Ciudad de México plus  Ecuador and Chile now in 2011. many interesting stuff about multimedia and animation will be shown there. So we will be there for see what can we found :). We're particularly interested in one conference about one animation made in Colombia called "Pequeñas Voces". Still haven't seen it but it looks very nice :D

Check the trailer!

Cause that next week there will be no Doodling Around strip update. The convention lasts a week and is out of the city. But that doesn't mean the following week will be the same case :). Whish us good luck and I'll be here in a week or so showing some good stuff from there!

Til next time!


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