Get Away!

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8 thoughts on “Get Away!

  1. Well, everything just went loco!

  2. Well, that got them back all right. What a fun day out at the park!

    Miss you, Gual. Hope everything is going okay.

    1. Yes, we are arranging to be more active. I also want to be back as before. Working on next pages now ^ ^

  3. Pobre Rina. Es muy malo que la persona que te gusta y que apenas has comenzado a conocer, descubra con algunos de los rasgos que más quisieras esconder al inicio de una relación. Como su reacción tan fuerte a esta fobia, y una vena bromista que puede pasarse de la raya y lastimar a sus amigos.

    Poor Rina. It is really bad that the person you like and whom you have just begun to know, finds some of the traits that you would likely want to hide at the beginning of a relationship. Like her strong reaction to this phobia, and a teasing streak that can go out of line and hurt her friends.

    1. Primero ellas no prestaron atención… y ahora David actuó sin conocer toda la historia… Una serie de eventos desafortunados -.-

  4. Looks like Rina is headed right for the fountain. I suppose that’s one way to get the spiders off, though probably not the best…

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