Holiday Exchange

Hi guys, here still managing to find the best schedule for continuing. Meanwhile here is the latest exchange we did with Albino Grimby, author of The twins look lovely with that attire and we sure love this pic! We know it's quite late but it is still time to wish you a very happy New Year :)

6 thoughts on “Holiday Exchange

  1. I stuck with you guys since like I think it was the beach arc when I started, I’ll still be around XD

    Cool though seeing all these artwork trades, funky seeing the girls in some Victorian-style

    1. Thanks for being here despite us being inactive. We’re working on restarting updates regularly. Today there’s a new page 🙂

  2. Que monas, espero que saben pronto el próximo comic, estaré pendiente ?

    1. Gracias. Actualizamos hoy al fin 😛

  3. Looking good, girls! (What can I say, I’m always a sucker for a cute dress, the poofier and frillier the better.)

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