I have something for you

It's too late...? It's too late...

Is not too late to vote :)

10 thoughts on “I have something for you

  1. Oh, dear, this is going to have ramifications far beyond what anyone expected.

  2. El suspenso comienza

    1. ¿Eso es bueno o es malo?

  3. As somebody who also has a phobia, I’m both dreading what their reaction will be and intensely curious to see what happens at the same time. It’ll go poorly, to be sure.

    1. I don’t know what to reply… ouo

  4. Oh boy, here it comes…

  5. It’s a present. Presents make everything better, right?
    What could possibly go wrong?


    1. What can possibly go wrong?
      I read that in Bugsy’s voice 😛

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