I want to talk with them

I don't even know...

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14 thoughts on “I want to talk with them

  1. Whoa… my spanish isn’t good enough, heh. Seems you uploaded the espanol version to both.

    1. Ah! My mistake! Fixed now ^ ^

  2. Por favor, ¿adónde está la versión en inglés? Los dos están en español.

    1. Lo siento, pequeño error. Ya está arreglado ^ ^’

  3. OK, Tina is in full revenge mode now!

  4. Y la veganza comienza…

    1. ¿Que comience la fiesta?

  5. Tina’s so wrapped up her revenge plot that she can’t see the 100-meter neon-lit “I’m not okay” billboard on Yordi’s forehead.

    1. Tina is in “I’m in my own world” mode :>

  6. Yeah….spiders are not my favorite creatures, either. O.O

    1. Then you understand the twins

  7. ¡Cielos, qué maliciosa y traviesa expresión tiene David en el panel 2!

    My, my, what a mischievous and naughty expression David has in panel 2!

    1. I wonder if we should be worried or amused ^ ^

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