I’m not afraid|No me asustan

Yeah, things didn't go as planned... like at all David... Today as promised :)

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5 thoughts on “I’m not afraid|No me asustan

  1. No wonder he’s afraid – there is no safety bar in the carriage to stop him from falling out!

    1. Ah, there sure is but is not one of those that you put over your shoulders, it’s one of those that goes more over your legs and it’s not visible form that angle. Part of the bars are visible on the sides, if you check. That will not calm David tho…

  2. David!! A ti te apavoran las montañas rusas. En qué lío te metiste. :-\

  3. What you have done, my friend, is to let your mouth write a check that your bladder may not be able to cover. ^^

    And if you humiliate yourself, no one will listen to your schemes ever again……

  4. I love how both twins have the exact same smirk on their faces in the last panel.

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