Lost Child

Those two... 

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6 thoughts on “Lost Child

  1. Ay, ay!! Ahí está sonando algo. XD

  2. Just be a good guy, Armando. It certainly looks like someone is impressed.

  3. Yes, Armando, because there is no way that you could impress a girl by taking care of a lost child. I suppose if one has to be oblivious, this is the good kind.

  4. Funny how one can show the best side of themselves when they are just being real.

  5. Natural kindness always pays off.

  6. @RG2Cents, that is exactly what I thought. That’s the lesson of this panel – be yourself. If she doesn’t like you. She’s not be best match for you and you should move on anyway. It would be awful if he knew she’d be impressed by this and was only pretending to care about the lost child!

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