Very Close

Here is the strip of this weekend. Meant for yesterday but we had some setbacks. We got robbed the Thursday so we were dealing with all the stuff, specially the personal information we had on our cellphones. This account and my bro's were compromised so we needed to act fast. Fortunately, we are safe and they just took material things that can be replaced. That said, we better keep focused enjoying doing the story. We hope we are still enjoying reading it too :D 

6 thoughts on “Very Close

  1. Oh man, that sucks! Hope things turn out alright for you guys

    As for the comic; Well, great to see the twins again, lets hope they can patch things up

    1. Thank you for your nice wishes.
      Let’s see hw things go 🙂

  2. I’m glad you guys are all right–you CAN’T be replaced. 🙂

    Vixen had better think of something pretty quick before she loses all her mediator-cred. O.O

    1. Oh! Thank you, very much!

      Aand the mediator powers of Vix are being tested now.

  3. Que horror tener que pasar por esos sustos, que bueno que estan todos bien.
    Las gemelas estan muy mal, los poderes de Vixen no van a bastar para arreglarlo esta vez.

    1. Es verdad. Se siente uno bastante inseguro después del hecho. Lo importante es que estamos bien, sí.

      Vamos a ver si Vix está al nivel del reto…

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