Ready, set, go!!

And there they go!Y allá van! Well, we're back on the road...! You get it? On the road :D

Go, go, go, vote! :D
And a like!
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5 thoughts on “Ready, set, go!!

  1. Não acredito que vocês me deixaron aguardando tanto tempo. Já lí. Bacana! Jajajjajajajaja

    1. Los siento 😛
      Qué bueno que te guste :3

  2. Wow, this comic is great!! 😀 The story is really fun, the drawing’s cool, and the characters sure are endearing (long live Fiera!) I wish I knew more Spanish… Good job, guys!^^
    Greetings from France,

    1. Thank you, very much! We’re very glad you like it ^ ^
      Now, after Christmas season, the regular updates will return each saturday 🙂

      Oh, and we’re uploading a french version in
      Mangadraft too, if you’re interested 🙂

      Salutations de la Colombie!

  3. As I’m reading this Mad Max inspired fantasy thread I can’t help but have the melody of Cake’s “The Distance” running through my head.

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