Several things to do

It looks like somebody likes what's its coming... somebody don't.

And somebody likes votes :3
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10 thoughts on “Several things to do

  1. Hi, it is a nice slice of life. Since I have no idea what Vix is talking about. I cannot guess as to why the twins are not happy. That might be a good or a bad thing. I have no idea.


    1. Don’t worry, you’ll know 😛

  2. That growing ear to ear smile… Somebody likes organizing and extensive talks…

  3. Cómo así que organizar para no hacer nada? Es un Quinceañero!! Yo estuviera estresada. 😉

    1. Bueno, organizar antes de hacer cualquier cosa, es lo que quiere decir Vix. Hay mucho por hacer ^ ^’

  4. Look like Yordi is gonna evolve or morph, what is gonna be?

  5. Lily de Wakabayashi

    La cara de la Chiqui es épica, pareciera que le dio un… Cof, cof, eso XD

    1. Oh… ¿eso piensas? :3

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