Something on your face

What do you mean by that, David...? And, we're back! Sorry for the long wait, we had some problems with the server change but everything is ok, now. By the way. There will be an extra page for those that support us on Patreon :)

A delayed vote :)
And a Like :D
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5 thoughts on “Something on your face

  1. Qué estás planeando David? ^_^

  2. That is the look of of someone planning wacky hijinks. Possibly shenanigans!

  3. Yay, it is finally back.

    David seems to be planning something very mischievous…

  4. How is it that no one has slapped his face off yet? I would never get away with any of his tricks. ^^

  5. Let the games begin! >:-)

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