Storm of Bunnies

Still a bit busy but luckily, we got help of of our friends from Bunny Storm! :). Guest page with bunnies, then! David, you can still be a fox :3

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8 thoughts on “Storm of Bunnies

  1. Bunnies aren’t sexual unless you’re wearing the full outfit (Ex. Bulma’s bunny suit from Dragon Ball). Otherwise, you’re just wearing bunny ears.

    Catgirls, OTOH…

  2. Ponies are the real deal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. My avatar might offer a clue…

    1. What the Reynar said? :3

  4. To answer his question, Yes boys can be bunnies as well. Mind you the American version is shinny black loafers, tight slacks to show off the slim muscular legs and perky butt, cuffs, collar and bow tie, bunny tail and nothing else.

    1. Do you think David is willing to wear that…? Don’t answer…

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