Theres One Person

Sometimes our friends abilities can be annoying.

15 thoughts on “Theres One Person

  1. “Subtlety” is not in her vocabulary.

    1. No it’s not… ^ ^’

    2. Let’s talk later about the secret we have because there’s people heeere! XD

  2. Woo, had me scared there for a second!

    1. Boo! Now Tina’s not alone :3

  3. Ooh, I see a castle in the background!

    1. Yes, it has castles 😀

  4. And to make it even worse, Astrid isn’t even TRYING to notice this stuff. ^^

    1. Oh, right, she is not.

  5. You know I’m team Chiqui from the start!

  6. Astrid no es tan despistada como parece

    1. Al parecer no lo es 🙂

  7. El arte en este cómic siempre ha sido bueno con las expresiones faciales de sus personajes, ¡pero las que hicieron hoy con Chiqui se pasan! ¡Gran trabajo!

    1. ¡Muchísimas gracias! ^ ^

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