Too Much Coffee

Aaand today we have a guest strip! This is part of the event April Fool's Switcharoo, organized by the Webcomic Underdogs community. This time the topic is "Too much coffee" and here we have a dangerous combination: Tina + Coffee... and not just coffee, TOO much coffee ^ ^' This great strip was done by our friend Kevin Hayman, author of The Errant Apprentice. Do you like Heroic Fantasy? If it's a yes, then, go check his stuff and if it's a no, go check his stuff. It's a great story :D 

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7 thoughts on “Too Much Coffee

  1. Jajajajajajaja, mala idea café para Tina. 😉

    1. No muy buena idea, la verdad… ^ ^’

  2. Heheheheheheheheheheheheheh! Coffee powered Tina for the win!

  3. Me recuerda a la ardilla de “Over the Hedge”

    ¡Hey, los votos por Garabateando están muy lentos en Topwebcomics comenzando abril! El mes pasado esta tira estuvo por primera vez por arriba del lugar 200 durante todo el mes. ¡Llevémosla ahora arriba del 100!

    This reminds me of the squirrel from “Over the Hedge”.

    Hey, the voting for Doodling Around is slow in Topwebcomics starting April! Last month this strip for the first time was above the 200th. place for the entire month. Lets take it now above the 100th. place!

    1. Yes, ending a chapter can be very influential for the voting as I see…
      Lest take Doodling up to the rank 100 and more!

  4. Either that, or else there’s now a perfectly Tina-shaped hole in the wall…

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