Today we updated the profiles section. Nice time for including Vixen's one. We thought we should put the profiles here too, for people who are reading find them more easily and for including them as updates too. Easy for all :) Notice that it says 15 years old there. Well, not yet but anyway :3

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14 thoughts on “Edna

  1. Actually, that very question has been bothering me since I first saw The Little Mermaid. My question was answered by the TV show The Octonauts. They eat kelp and seaweed.

    1. Oh! Must pass that info to Vixen… to see if she doesn’t bring another question :3

    2. Okay. I learned something good today.

  2. Ooh, is Vixen cosplaying as Claudia Grant? (^_^)

    1. You recognized her!
      Claudia Lasalle/Claudia Grant, yes 😀

      1. Our kids are all, “Attack on Titan blah blah blah, Soul Eater, blah blah blah,” so we’re making them watch Robotech, Akira, and Captain Harlock!

        1. That’s education : D

  3. Lily de Wakabayashi

    Jajajajaja, yo tuve la misma duda con la Sirenita pero al revés, ¡y me mandaron al carajo! XD

    1. Ah, chicas incomprendidas…

    2. Eso lo hacen porque no quieren ponerse a tu nivel XD

  4. Wait!!! It’s Claudia From Robotech!!! 😀

    1. Yes, it’s her! 🙂

  5. I think I’ve spotted a typo:
    In the text box on the upper left it says:

    “The Main character of HIS favorite show…”

    Shouldn’t it be HER? Or is someone else adressed who’s name is then also missing?

    1. Wow, we’ve never noticed this before. 5 years after here we are 😛
      Thanks for the correction.

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