We are looking for them

Hello, people! We're continuing the comic now. We know we have said this before with not the best results but now we are positive in that we can do it this time. As we've said in replies in the previous page, we're so happy to see people are still checking the comic despite the lack of movement. We feel we need to ask for excuses about that too ^ ^' But also we think that was the spark we needed to start in a good note. Yes, thank you for always been there :D With nothing more to say, let's start doodle again!

12 thoughts on “We are looking for them

  1. ¡Yay! ¡Qué bien que regresaron! Siempre estoy atento a las actualizaciones de este cómic, aunque tomen tanto tiempo, porque realmente aprecio su historia y su arte. ¡Espero que los tengamos por largo tiempo (y frecuentemente ;))

    1. ¡Gracias por los buenos deseos y gracias por siempre estar ahí! Espero que ahora podamos continuar a un ritmo aceptable 😀

  2. Yay, you’re back!

  3. “Failed as a friend!” Yeah, that’s a start…
    You could go with “permanently scarred my best chums!” Jeeze Tina. you’ve really done it now.
    I really hope the girls aren’t too traumatized. This could have real long-term effects.
    Either way, welcome back!

    1. Oh gosh…! I hope those long term stuff can be handled then.
      And thank you!!

  4. Hey que guay. Frecuentemente me doy una vuelta por este comic. Sigo en suspenso como arreglaran este caos con las gemelas y los triangulos amorosos XD

    1. Vamos a ver si ahora podemos encargarnos de todo eso ^ ^

  5. Que bueno que continuen publicando, espero que puedan hacerlo con más frecuencia

    1. Nosotros también 😀

  6. Well, I’m late to the update, but I’m very happy to see it. ^^

    1. You’re not late for this update, you are early for today’s! 😀

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