We’re ready

And, David, is snoozing somewhere. This page has many difficult phrases in english for us and we don't have any native speaker who can check. Can you spot any error? Thanks

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4 thoughts on “We’re ready

  1. “At the moment, we’re ready to go pick up Umh-ba, and go with David” Reads better in English. It could also be ” go get David” if you are going to be taking him somewhere as well, or ” Go see David” if you are just going to meet him at the place where he is. Or simply “Go meet David”

    Panel four reads awkwardly In English. Maybe, “He seems to think so, you know how he’s ‘Good at everything.”

    There are English phrases to say what I believe you’re trying to say, but none of them translate well either if I think about it.

    In panel 5, “See” is spelled wrongly, as “se”

    Hope it helps.

    1. Well for panel 4, Ange is saying that they have only heard it from him. Then she’s just being sarcastic. I think I’ll use that, instead. Let’s see how it looks. Tell me if it’s better that way.
      And, of course it helps. Thanks, Tom!

  2. El momento de brillar de David y estará engripado? Noooooo…

    1. No, no creo. Ya lo sabríamos :3

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