What are you doing here?

Looks like a situation that not even David can handle. Well, David is human too... ^ ^' Hey, we have some info today. Two things, in fact. First one, we implemented a forum, recently. Well, some people like more forums than blogs, so let's try one of those :). Until now, it only has some topics I created. Hope it soon has more, created by other people. Wanna check?, it's here -> Forum and, of course, in the top menu. The second thing is, for wednesday 30th, we'll have an extra update. What's it about? We're participating in a kind of "Halloween jam" with other webcomic artists. The jam is about dressing our characters as the ones of other webcomic. Sounds like fun, eh? what do you think? We'll reveal that day, the comic our characters are disguised of and the one who is dressed as ours. So next wednesday, don't forget to check the site :) See you until then!





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