MLP FIM Season 2

And finally, the second season for MLP FIM is arrived. Well, certainly  I was expecting something a less “world’s near end” chapter for the first episode. It was a surprise that they introduce a new villain like Discord.

I can see the series started fine, just one ep was aired and bronies didn’t  lost time to begin with fan art and fan… erm… slangs, I don’t know how to name it. The big false diamond of Rarity has already a name and, just like the famous derpy eyes, people are trying to make famous the crumpled mouth that liar Applejack makes every time she lies…

Most of all, I never expected Discordia could be a so hated villain. In fact, I think he’s a funny prankster for a villain… ¿problem? 😀 In this short time I could see how some people hate him a lot XD. That looks like a good job for a bad guy.

In the other hand, as I expected, Lauren faust absence is causing the obvious. There are a few comments about  out of character behaviors or events… well, I can’t be sure but this could be just suggestion for the departure of miss Faust of the writing staff, maybe if she hasn’t said anything, keeping in secret her absence, fans really didn’t notice anything wrong =P

Okay, that’s all. I really likes Discord, is bad but charismatic just as Ledger’s Joker… In fact I think his chimera appearance has an aster egg that makes reference to an old villain, which is great. For those who doesn’t know, I’m talking about Grogar from G1.  Oh, man, they made too easy to make a crossover between the G1 and G4 generations 😀

What are you looking at, sheep face?