Colombiana (2011)

Well, well. This title is so appealing for me, since I’m colombian. I just found this trailer on the internet.

I don’t know how many people knows about this movie but I just found it today. It’s a movie called Colombiana starring Zoe Saldaña :O!

First, I thought it was a coincidental name, just like “Columbia Pictures” (that, by the way, I thought when I was a child that it has to do something with my country. A colombian enterprise in Hollywood! :P) but later, I found it wasn’t. The movie, in fact, narrates the history of a girl named Catleya (The other name for orquídea, the colombian flower) who was born at Bogotá city. The only thing I know about the plot is that, after the murder of her parents as a child, she grows up becoming an expert assassin and now she seeks vengeance.

Yes, at first sight is not a very original story and even the protagonist says the character Catleya, could remind some people of Nikita but it’s Zoe Saldaña in a colombian role :D!

The description says that it will be Directed by Olivier Megaton and writed by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. Costarring Michael Vartan and Callum Blue.

Yes, I know many people will say it portrays colombian people as violent drug dealers and stuff but that’s a very old issue that makes another good topic, I think.
Ok, let’s see how a ‘paisana’ looks in a Hollywood stuff.