Oh... House of Horror. Who here likes the House of Horror? :3 Ok, ok. Time to get back on track. Very sorry for that long hiatus ^ ^' 

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15 thoughts on “Adrenaline

  1. Oh no!! Alguien dijo terrorrr?

    1. Creo que sí… ^ ^’

  2. I take it that she is not a fan of the House of Terror!

  3. Welcome back! I was beginning to worry that your hiatus was going to be “indefinite”, but I am very glad to be wrong!

    David and Tina, both are wearing expressions that are new to them. I have never seen David that angry, nor have I seen Tina quite so scared. This trip to the “amusement” park may be anything but amusing to them.

    Thank you for writing and drawing, and take care!

    1. Glad you’re still reading the comic!
      Yeah, we were having some issues that didn’t let us update as we intended but hopefully, that’s fixed now ^ ^

  4. Yay! So glad that it is back!

    Oh no, I used to think Tina had no fears. Was I wrong??

    1. Remember the horror movie? 😛

  5. Scary things in the dark you can hit are one thing, scary things in the dark you CAN”T hit are quite another. On the other hand, Tina’s whole persona is all about how brave she is…

    Perhaps afterward she can commiserate together with David. ^^

    1. Let’s see, let’s see… ^ ^

  6. ¡Feliz que regresaron! 🙂 Pero de nuevo un mes sin publicar algo más 🙁

    También, ¿la casa del Hodor? 😉 Revisen la versión en español de la página.

    Glad you are back! 🙂 But again, another month without something new 🙁

    Also, house of Hodor? 😉 Please check the Spanish version.

  7. That Hiatus must be related to that cat because it keeps coming back XD

    1. Oh, it was related to various things… that I hope are fixed now ^ ^

  8. Well, see you next year?.? Updating once every two months is not a good thing.

    1. No, no, no. We are here before next year, see? ^ ^’
      And yes, it’s no good. Hope everything’s in order now.

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