What are you implying?

Warriors don't have fear ^ ^Well, well, well... Yes, life can be sometimes a pain in the butt. We tried to keep the rythm since a while ago but couldn't. But heck, third time's the charm! Back to the regular updates now. You can yell at us next weekend if there isn't any :P

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13 thoughts on “What are you implying?

  1. I do not yell at artists and writers, because it ruins their ability to create.

    A nice update, with new expressions and emotions for Tinaru.

    Thank you for writing and drawing, and take care!

  2. Sí, yo tambien. No yelling at the artists. Very happy to have what you can give us. 🙂

  3. Tina’s mouth has written a check that her nerves can’t cover–just like David did.

    The Twins are going to run out of friends at this rate. ><

  4. So when Angélica (or is it Rina? Their profile link is broken and I can’t remember which one is which) says ‘funnier’ when she means ‘more fun’, is that deliberate (it’s just a cute kind of mistake to make)?

  5. Still no comics images displayed. I think the last update broke the site (again).

  6. So Sorry, NO PICTURE!!!

  7. Is it just me, or did this site get broken? I don’t see any new comics.

    1. Yes, we had troubles with the site since a while ago. Getting things fixed now 🙂

  8. Hey, good to see you guys back. I was worried something had happened to you or at least the comic. 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      Yeah, it was a long ride…
      Still making the last fixes and we will be publishing again soon!

  9. Would appreciate an update, and I don’t mean new material, just know what’s going on please. I just got caught up and I notice that it’s been like four and a half months. And that’s fine, but please let us know you’re alive.

    1. Hi, yeah, we’re alive 🙂
      I noticed your messages and I must tell you that I’m glad that the comic still has movement and new readers ^ ^
      It wasn’t the idea to stop for that long but we had problems with the site hosting followed with some different things that kept us from continuing as we wanted.
      Anyway, of course we are keeping an eye on the site and yes we will continue. Let’s see if we can do it for next month.
      Thanks for reading and for the interest, this really makes us want to continue faster!

      1. Actually I’m not a “new” reader exactly. I’m a long time fan who had to take a leave of absence due to unfortunate circumstances. It’s a good book though so I’m looking forward to seeing where you guys take it.

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