Happy Birthday!

Ok, first update since a while now, and is this one ^ ^Time goes fast when you're having fun and a couple of days ago Doodling Around reached its 6 years online! :D We'll take this chance to show we're still alive and tho thank all of you for following us. And, of course, to inform that we're planning to continue publishing soon.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Felicidades!!!!
    Asi que ya van 6 años? Que bueno che!
    Yo recien este año empece a ver el comic y me encanto.
    Mucha suerte y un abrazo grande a todos.

    1. ¡Gracias amigo! ^ ^

  2. Parabéns!! 😉

  3. Glad you’re back! Been missing you!

    1. Seconded, it’s nice to see some signs of life.

  4. ¡Bien, feliz cumpleaños Garabateando! Espero que pronto podamos ver más aventuras de las gemelas, Tinaru, Pedro, Yordi, Astrid (Umh-ba), Lucero y el resto de la pandilla!

  5. Happy birthday to Doodling Around, and good to see you, also. 🙂 I hope you fixed all the problems, because I know this forced hiatus has been hard on you, too.

    Here’s to better days. ^^

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