Dancing queen

Ah, so that's the reason! I-- ... Oh...... Oh, Vixen ó.ò

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36 thoughts on “Dancing queen

  1. No me convence esa ídea!! 😉 A ese cuento le falta algo…

  2. The twin stares of truth. It’s better than a golden lasso.

    1. Nice super power! 😀

  3. Is is pointless on trying to resist, they know how to get the truth of you.

    No vale la pena tratar de resistirse, ellas saben como obtener la verdad.

  4. I hate to tell you this but: It is ‘quinceseancera’ for a young lady, quincesanero for a BOY.

    1. Oh, well, the thing is like this: Quinceañero is the event. Quinceañera is the girl who owns the event.
      So it’s:
      -Vixen’s quinceañero.
      Spanish: El quinceañero de Vixen.

      -Here comes the quinceañera, Vixen.
      Spanish: Allí viene la quinceañera, Vixen.

      Anyway, thanks for always being watching for mistakes, it’s a big help 🙂

  5. By the way, boys don’t do ‘quinceseanero’s. At least, the Mexican branch do not.

    1. No, boy’s don’t have one.

  6. is that the gorillaz band in that poster?

  7. and how do i change this avatar?! xD

    1. For changing it, you must make a Gravatar account in http://www.gravatar.com. Then, post here with the same e-mail as that account 🙂

      1. is that for free? xD

        1. Yes, it’s free.

      2. i done it but it is the same lol

        1. IT CHANGED! 😀

  8. pretend that my avatar is an afro black cat with a laser sword lol (=^+^=)

  9. anyway, this comic is COOL meowwwwww hohohohohohoh lol xD

    1. Thank youuuu! Woof!!

      1. so u created doodling arond?! :O

        1. *around xD

  10. maybe im talking too much lol

    1. Nah, its ok. I’ll tell you when it’s much 😛
      We like comments!

      1. lol ok :3
        and i like your drawing style 😀

  11. Lily de Wakabayashi

    Vixen, Vixen, ¿qué ocultas, chica?

    1. Eso es lo que queremos saber.

  12. Guys, love the comic, even convinced my (twin) sister to start reading! We’re not identical like Rina and Ange though haha!

    I love what Vixen said back in the Cosplay story about what a black girl’s hair is supposed to look like. It’s shocking how rare it is portrayed in its natural form! That’s when you get situations like my friend who went to China and everyone was touching her hair, never having seen anything like it before, not even on TV. Makes me sad, but then your comic makes me happy when you defy the norm by showing the truth!

    I may be biased, but I am really excited that Vixen is the centre of this plot, and dealing with real insecurities that black girls have to deal with. I think I will write a blog post about you guys and a few other comics with strong black characters soon 😀 Probably when this storyline finishes. I normally talk about hair and movies, and some other interests, but this will be my first time talking about comics. It’s gonna be fun!

    Thanks for all your great work you guys xoxo

    1. COOL!

    2. Wow, wow! We love having new readers but even more having great comments from them. This time is not only one but two and they’re twins also 😀
      We’re happy to hear you like our comic and that you identify yourself with the characters too 🙂
      We hope you enjoy reading this arc as much as we do writing and drawing it and of course we are excited for being your first comic review. It will be an honor!
      Thanks for the nice words and excuse any grammatical errors, we’re not english native speakers, as you see 😛

      1. Don’t worry about it Gual! I am just grateful that you did an English version regardless of grammar and everything. If you had only done Spanish I would have never been able to read it, but I probably would have flipped through for the beautiful animation work anyway. I understand the story, which is enough for me. But a possibility once you get bigger is to hire an English writer/teacher to tidy it up for you maybe?

        1. Ah, we have someone helping at the moment, just haven’t uploaded the pages that are ready… Being a bit lazy about it :P… Well, also being short of time these last months ^ ^’

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