Yes, we tried but we couldn't... Anyway, have a skecth of the twins cosplaying as Las Adelitas from the Book of Life. We love those two :)

A vote, anyway :3
And a like?
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9 thoughts on “Soldaderas

  1. “The Book of Life” that a mind blowing movie.

    “El Libro de la Vida” una peli fuera de este mundo.

  2. Lily de Wakabayashi

    Me encantó el dibujo, quedó genialísimo *o*

    1. Gracias Lilita :3

      1. Lily de Wakabayashi

        A ver si luego me das permiso de colorearlo… Si es que llego a tener tiempo XD

  3. But…but I want to know the reason!
    Ah well, we’ve all been there, haven’t we. Sorry the strip didn’t happen, but it’s always worth waiting for.
    And I love that drawing!

    1. Ah, yes…
      Thank you ^ ^

  4. Me gustó que las pusieras de Revolucionarias!

    1. Que bueno que te haya gustado ^ ^

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