Halloween Exchange

For today we have a Halloween Exchange event. This one was done by our friends Shadow and Rulopotamo, creators of M9 Girls!. Poor Tina ^ ^'.

8 thoughts on “Halloween Exchange

  1. First off–great art! I love it.

    Second, while I won’t complain about the extra clicks, it seems you got the wrong cross-reference. Shadow and Rulo are the creators of M9Girls! (http://m9girls.com/webcomic/en/)

    1. Yes, you’re right. I mixed the comics ^ ^u
      It’s fixed now. Thanks for pointing that and thanks for your nice words. We’re happy you like it.

  2. Shadow and Rulo are obviously fans. ^^

    1. And I love that! 😀

  3. Shadow and Rulo did a great job! They really captured your art style, Gual.
    Maybe it you ever need a backup team…

    1. You know? That’s not a bad idea ¬u¬

  4. Thank you guys! Most of the credit goes to Shadow, all my direction was “make a haunted mansion art”. It is always great to exchange art with Doodling!

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