Hey, hey

Ah, Tinaru... By the way, everyone knows what papacito rico means, right? :3

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6 thoughts on “Hey, hey

  1. He has a rich father? Or he’s a sugar daddy… not too sure, hablo un poco de español.

  2. This was discussed in an earlier comic, either here on the website or on DeviantArt. However, this is what an Internet search found:

    “Papacito and mamacita mean also a young handsome and gorgeous man or woman. It is a compliment. But some women can find it offensive.”

    Take care!

  3. This is the one thing I needed, for Tinaru to find love! So happy now!

  4. Google Translate gives me ‘Tasty Daddy’ XD

  5. Is just a tiny flaw Tinaru, give him a try. Who knows if he can earn a spot in the “maybe list”.

  6. Cualquier parecido con alguien que conozco es mera coincidencia. 😉

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