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Twins! XD

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5 thoughts on “That was great!

  1. I think David’s about to let the twins know EXACTLY how he feels about the “peer-pressure” thing if not the whole “here, lemme show & tell you how I REALLY feel right now!!” issue. I have NO sympathy for what the girls are about to get!!!

  2. Well his ‘tough guy’ cred is about to be seriously messed with. It will worse if he screams, hits or pushes the girls around. He was acting as a ‘tough guy’ and it did not work.

  3. Por fin, paso todo. Más tranquilo David? Yo si lo estaría. 😉

  4. …and in the background, watching the girl he might want to ask out act like a total jerk…

  5. They think it’s funny and that they’re just doing some friendly teasing, which is in fact one of the worst types of bullying.

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