I’m Scared!

Oh, no... And well people, we´re publishing again. We're not abandoning and will keep trying to have a consistent schedule :)

6 thoughts on “I’m Scared!

  1. And now we go from being really scared to really embarrassed and humiliated. Poor Tina, she’s having such a rough day trying to be brave.

    Love your comic, hope you can keep it going… I keep watching for it!

    1. Thanks for staying despite our way too irregular schedule. Of course we will keep with the story! 😀

  2. Poor Tina!

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Glad you’re back! ????

    1. Yes! 😛
      Thank you.

  3. Well, you DID have me worried there for a second or two – which fits in nicely with the story… 😀

    1. Mission accomplished! 😎

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