This is repetitive

What just...? Ok twins, maybe the teasing went a bit too far... 

21 thoughts on “This is repetitive

  1. Son tipos disfrazados? Creí que eran maquinas jaja.
    Pobre Tina, fue demasiado para ella 🙁

    1. Son tipos disfrazados 😛
      En esas casas hay animatrónicos también.

  2. Pobre Tina, ¿no hubiera sido mejor que fuese sincera? Aunque bueno, no la culpo. Ya, que alguien lindo la abrace.

    1. ¡Que alguien lindo la abrace!

  3. Poor Tina. Hope she can bounce back after this. 🙁

    1. Let’s hope that together…

  4. So sad for poor little Tina, her fun day is over.

  5. This is why those house of horror people aren’t allowed to touch the patrons.

  6. And thus Tina is humiliated in front of her “friends”. :'(

  7. So SO glad you guys are back. I missed you and this wonderful story.

    1. Hey! Glad to read that. Thanks! We’re doing the next page right now 🙂

  8. There is one bright side to your situation right now, Tina: you didn’t pee yourself.

    1. That’s a pro, for sure =P

  9. everyone’s eyes are closed! are they even seeing any of this??

    1. Maybe they’re cheating! XD

  10. That’s a very awesome comic

    1. Thank you for the likes! 😀

  11. This is cool comic strip dude

  12. Wonder whos hugging her right now…

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