Just the twins are left|Sólo faltan las gemelas

Oh, yeah baby. This seems good to know/remember the gang :D Oh, sí nena. Esto se ve bueno para conocer/recordar a la banda :D

8 thoughts on “Just the twins are left|Sólo faltan las gemelas

  1. Just want to say, I’ve been reading this comic for years now, pretty much ever since it started. So just want to say, you’re doing great with it, and I really enjoy it whenever an update pops up in my RSS feed. I’ve mostly been a silent reader up to now, so thought it was high time for me to drop in and say how much I appreciate your work. Anywho, that’s enough from me. Here’s hoping you have a lovely day.

    1. It’s very nice to read all of this! We can’t express how much that means for us.
      All I can say is when we restarted, our motivation was a bit low honestly, just thinking if people were still interested in the comic. Thanks for the nice words and the fact that you decided to finally post means a lot. Now for sure we don’t lack of motivation at all!
      I hope you’re having a great day too!

  2. @BMR: Hello, friend! ^^

    (Back to the comic) Well, it was much quieter while Tina was being contrite….

    1. Oh, yes, but I think I prefer a happy Tina anyway :>

    2. Oh, hey, fancy meeting you here!

      1. Heh, I’m all over the place! ^^

  3. Onward for the twins!

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