You wanna come?

Here's the strip! We did it :D Sorry for keep you waiting. It's being an enlightening trip for Roger, isn't it?

8 thoughts on “You wanna come?

  1. ¿Finalmente escucharemos (o más bien, veremos 😁) a Napo hablar?
    Will we finally hear (or rather, see 😁) Napo speak?

    1. It’s a possibility, right?

  2. Hey, I knew you guys would pull through eventually, no worries!

  3. Even when he’s angry, Napo is a good person.

  4. Sorry for the nitpick, but panel one should be “Where is he?”, not “him”. Not gonna laugh, because your English is still better than my Spanish.

    1. Oh, it’s no bother. We’re totally fine with any help 🙂
      Sorry for this late answer.

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