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4 thoughts on “Robbery

  1. Quién se supone debe hacerse las preguntas, los presuntos implicados o el investigador? Elemental mi querido Watson! 😉

    1. Debe ser su estilo 😎

  2. Aw – I’m all caught up again.
    [I remember last reading during the bully arc]

    I’m betting the murder was faked because the “victim” was a in debt and needed the diamond to start life over again.

    Great artwork and nice fluffy story as always.
    Now if only there was more
    [I have a sweet tooth hee hee heeee]

    1. Yay! Glad to have you back! ^ ^
      Thanks for keep following us.

      Uhmmm… that sounds pretty plausible. Let’s see.

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