Are you blaming me?

What's happening here...? Well, I'm just an spectator... And this my friends, is a gift that we received a while ago from our friend Andy Purviance, author of I mummy. Great comic. Go check it! Genial comic. Here we have our crew as they would appear in their tabletop version of Clue! You see all the details? We love it! :D

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11 thoughts on “Are you blaming me?

  1. Oh noes! It’s Tim Curry!

  2. The Butler DID IT!!!

    1. The butler… Yes… that makes total sense!

      1. Hmm, not the butler then. That only leaves the vicar, because they’re always the guilty ones in murder mysteries. Or, it could be the last one anybody would expect — the DETECTIVE!

  3. Wow, quien sera el que acaba de entrar?

  4. Está por resolverse el misterio. 😉

  5. Looks like the last guest has arrive, may the party begins

    Parece que a llegado el ultimo invitado, que empiece la fiesta

    1. Let the party start!

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