Don’t let him fool you

Ehhh... so, everybody's guilty?Wanna be guilty... of voting? :)

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8 thoughts on “Don’t let him fool you

  1. NPS!! Ellos son complices??? ah y al fin puedo hablar Napoleon despues de la convencion xD (Me salio en verso y sin mucho esfuerzo! xD)

    1. No es Napo, es Adrián. Napo, es mayorcito… y no habla mucho 😎

  2. Noooo! Dinero, todo lo puedes. 😉

    1. Dinero, dinero, dinero…

  3. No, that’s statement is CLEARLY false. I’m not on your side, so clearly that can’t be true.

    1. Interesting deduction…

  4. I was just reading this one again… the mystery is one of my favorites. I remember how long the weeks felt when I had to wait for the next comic

    1. I’m glad to know our comic has “re-read value” ^ ^

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