We must get out of this place


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10 thoughts on “We must get out of this place

  1. Caray!! Los atraparan? 😉

    1. Parece que ya lo hicieron D:

  2. Well, I did not read the comic last week so this comment is a bit late but anyway.

    Uh… I guess that all I can say is that I really did not see this coming, I mean, I did thought about the “everybody is involved” twist, but, THIS… no, not at all, not even in my… wildest dreams 😛

    Well played 🙂

    1. Never use real logic in the dream realm!

  3. “No! It can’t be! How did you get back here before us?”
    “Uh… …how *did* I, Pedro?”
    “Well, ya got me. By all accounts, it doesn’t make sense.”
    “Oh, well.”

    1. Hey! What are you saying? I doesn’t make any sense!

  4. I love it! What happens next?!

    1. Stay tuuuned! Same Umh-Ba hour and same Umh-Ba channel!

  5. Oh, now you’re just being silly.
    No, seriously, what happens nest?
    After following this serious murder investigation (well, sort ofserious) for some time, this strange turn of events is a lot of fun!

    1. Hey, don’t blame me for other people’s dreams! >:D
      Aaand, you can now know what happens next.

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